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"Jess is a great coach. She is organized, motivating and professional. You'll meet your fitness and overall health goals with Jess!"


"Jess has the unique ability to balance professionalism and personal connection with her clients. She cares a great deal about getting her clients to reach their goals and maximize their potential. Her knowledge of fitness and nutrition extends to more than science but to the emotional connection for each of us in our daily struggles to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I'd encourage anyone to use Jess to help them along this journey."

Melissa M.

"I trained with Jess for a little over a year during my pregnancy. She is very knowledgable in the area of prenatal fitness. I felt challenged and safe. I would highly recommend Jess to anyone."


"Jess is amazing. She truly cares about her clients. She is knowledgable and able to address any personal fitness goal or challenge. She never made me feel uncomfortable or self conscious in the gym and followed up after every session. She is a true professional."

Lisa D.

"Jess is by far the best coach I've ever had. She's knowledgable and thoughtful and makes lifting weights fun. She helped me prepare for my first marathon and I couldn't imagine having done it with out her. I was injury free and felt ready for race day. She kept the program interesting and always listened to my needs and was able to adjust when necessary. I've learned a lot from her that is far beyond fitness and wellness and that you cannot put a price tag on."

Ashley P.

"My energy has increased immensely since working with Jess. I never realized that I should eat more to have more energy and improved health. I was reluctant at first but with Jess’s gentle and supportive approach I started to eat more frequently throughout the day. It worked! I feel better than I have in a long time. My weight and body composition has improved. I am grateful for her guidance."

Tracy K.

"I have been training with Jess for over 10 years. I had used other trainers before with little results. Jess helped me achieve my goals of getting stronger and losing weight all while being free of injury. My wife, my brother and my mother train with Jess. I highly recommend her!"

Ted G.

"Jess has helped me improve my strength and flexibility. She helped me eliminate my knee pain by strengthening specific leg muscles. Not only is she remarkably talented and professional but absolutely charming! Jess is a delightful person!!"

Hilary R.

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