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Team up with Jess and a small group of motivated women to get stronger,
feel better and build energy.



Sweat Set Go is a 12-week exercise and wellness program that aims to help women strengthen and tone their bodies, safely and powerfully; to make space for women to connect through exercise and a shared commitment to self-care; to bring joy, empowerment and new energy to daily life.


Two virtual sweat sessions per week, tailored to helping you strengthen and tone your whole body

One restorative movement session per week, to enhance form, fitness and mobility

Special guest coaching event, featuring a relevant health or fitness expert

Access to a members-only portal with valuable content and resources for improved fitness and nutrition

Connection to a community of women with a shared commitment to movement and self-care

Welcome gift (mailed to you!)


*Members can also choose to pay in 3 monthly installments.

Want to learn more?
Check out this program comparison 
email Jess to schedule an exploratory call. 

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