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Which Program is
Right for You?

I love the social aspect of exercise. I enjoy sharing ideas, experiences and goals with others.

I prefer to workout on my own. I tend to feel self-conscious, 
intimidated or shy in a group exercise setting.

I like being given direction and options for leveling up or down. 
I know when to push myself harder and when to ease up.

I love personal attention and specific feedback. I am more likely to work harder or ease up if directed by someone.

I may have one or two injuries or medical conditions, but I am able to do most exercises without issue.

I have multiple or serious injuries or medical conditions that may affect the kinds of exercises I can do.

Working out with others motivates me to improve. I am more likely to commit to exercising if I know others are counting on me to show up.

I will put more effort into reaching my goals if I have a trusted partner to hold me accountable and encourage me.

I have some experience with strength training and exercise programs, and want to build on that foundation to improve or accelerate my fitness.

I am new to strength training and exercise programs. I want to learn the basics so I can build a foundation for fitness.


Still not sure? 
Email Jess
 directly to schedule a complimentary, exploratory call!

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