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I know how to get you results, and I also understand that we are human. Everyone is different, but we all need accountability.

Together we will create targets that make sense physically, mentally and emotionally for you. We’ll assess your current fitness level. I’ll guide and support you as you implement daily habits aimed to improve your energy, strength and confidence.


6-week or 12-week program, designed specifically to address your needs, goals and aspirations

Two live, 60-minute workouts per week, tailored to you

Individualized nutrition coaching to help you develop the confidence to make choices around food that suit you and your lifestyle

Regular tracking of progress and milestones via direct, weekly communication with Jess

Access to the consistent and unwavering support​ of an experienced coach and partner

Welcome gift (mailed to you!)

Not sure if this is right for you?
Check out this program comparison 
email Jess to set up an exploratory call. 

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